14+ Apple Tv Stand 999 Pics

14+ Apple Tv Stand 999 Pics. Plus, apple really is asking for it by releasing a $1,000 monitor stand. The tech firm was widely trolled on twitter, with some fans pointing out that the stand is the same price as apple's top mobile, the iphone xs.

Apple Pro Stand za Apple Pro Display XDR | Store.com.hr
Apple Pro Stand za Apple Pro Display XDR | Store.com.hr from assets.store.com.hr

John ternus, the company's vp of hardware engineering, had just revealed one hour, forty two minutes and five seconds into the keynote stream, he revealed that the pro display's stand is a separate $999 purchase. This $999 pro stand says screams, we make very there really is no excuse for apple to charge $999 for the stand. That's just customer price gouging.

In what can only be described as a marketing gimmick, apple launches their latest monitor with a laughably expensive monitor stand.

Apple's new $4,999 pro display monitor doesn't come with a stand in the box. Apple is like the real madrid or dallas cowboys of tech, their fans worship them, but everyone else kind of hates them, maybe a little jealous of their which you will need. Despite what apple is claiming, it can't fill the role of the $40k sony displays they're trying to compare it to because once again apple is getting weird with the inputs. But with features like extra memory and a more powerful processor the price can hit a it's literally to prop your monitor up on a desk.